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Anti-Christmas Carol (2008)

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Anti-Christmas Carol (2008)

Post by Admin on 23rd December 2009, 6:44 pm

"Anti-Christmas Carol"

Hmm, yeah
Oooh, hah

It's that time of year
When I set gettin' sick
Of all the cheer
Every song you hear
Was a hit or a miss
From last century
Is it just me?
'Cos it never much seems like the movie
(Like the movie)

So thank God
(Thank God)
Christmas comes once a year
(Only comes once a year)
Just once a year
(Just once a year)

Only bells I hear
Is last call, one and all
Cryin' in their beer
'Cos it's gon' take all year
For the debts to be met
So raise a glass for Christmas cheer
It never snows, only rain
I don't know why we're still dreamin'
Of a white... Christmas

Thank God it only comes once a year
(Only comes once a year)
(Only comes once a year)
Thank God it only comes once
(Only comes once a year)

Mama's in the kitchen
She's stressin', oh no
The oven didn't work, hey
Nothing's cookin', oh no
Brother, sister are fightin'
She's cryin'
Boxer knocks the tree down
It makes me wanna shout

Hallelujah, thank God
That Christmas only comes once a year
Only comes once a year
Thank You, Jesus, for being born only once
I couldn't deal with it
So Christmas only comes once a year
Thank God, Hallelujah
For Christmas only lastin' 24 hours of my life
I tell you, Jesus, just this once
As a baby anyway

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