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"Lady" song

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"Lady" song

Post by Admin on 23rd December 2009, 4:40 pm


My, oh my, honey you're lookin' so fine
And my lips can't say it
In my mind these lips are all over you
Sugar sweet and i'm feeling the heat
Like melting chocolate.
There's some things that a lady just cannot do


And i just can't make sure,
(to) do that thing
With your hands i'll make sure
I think you're it
And i think you're, oooooh, so fine can't you see
You got me
Tongue-tied, and i'm stuttering
It's all been (what) my body is saying

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Well, i'm tryin' to keep my lady, oh-uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah oh nuh-uh ohh uh!
Well, i'm trying to keep my lady

Why, oh why, am i feeling like i'm
On the edge of something
When i know the door is already closed
And why are you still here when i told you it would come to nothing
You're a naughty boy
Seems like you just won't be told!

(repeat chorus)

I'd like to get down with it!
I'd like to get close with it!
I'd like to get all over it!
See, baby i'll admit!
I could teach you a thing or two
Making all of your dreams come true
In ways that you never knew
But i got to keep my lady!
I've got to keep my lady!

See i'm been trying, baby..but my body just keeps on talking to me
Hmmmm, yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm trying baby, nuh-huh hmmmm

It's ok to be sexy
Be a little bit tushy
It's ok to be nasty!
But you gotta keep your lovely, nah!

Not only (my) lady
And, not (even) a thing about you, baby...

See, i'm a lady
But don't you forget, you know
I've got to keep my lady
I've ???????
I've got to keep my lady, oh uh!

Woow oh-uh

I've been trying it, baby
I've been trying it, baby
But my body just keeps on talking to me

Trying to keep my lady

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