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Love has made you beautiful

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Love has made you beautiful

Post by Admin on 23rd December 2009, 7:09 pm

"Love has made you beautiful"

It don’t matter how you fix your hair,
Cause whatever way is fine.
And it don’t matter 'bout the star you're at,
'Cause baby I see you shine.

Now, don’t go saying all the things you changed,
I wouldn’t change a thing at all.
So turn the mirror back against the wall,
Trust me.

Love has made you beautiful,
Love has made you beautiful.

You won't find it in a magazine,
Beauty is something that’s inside.
Don’t go looking at the silver spring,
Just look at your smile.

Love has made you beautiful,
Love has made you beautiful.

Baby it's because,
When you're in love,
It's shining from your heart.
Takes you high above,
Beauty has no face,
Beauty knows no raise.
And all I gotta say is..

Love has made you beautiful,
Love has made you beautiful.

Don’t you know that you can’t be upset,
'Cause someone loves you as you are,
And they see no one else in all the world,
And they see inside your heart,

That love has made you beautiful.
Love has made you beautiful.

(Beautiful girl)
(Beautiful girl)


Shining, shining from your heart.
Don’t you know that you're perfect, perfect, the way you are?
You're shining, shining from your heart.
You’re perfect, perfect, oh yes you are!
Your shining, shining, from your heart.
I can see that you're perfect, perfect, the way you are.
Don’t you know that you’re a beautiful lady?
You’re a beautiful girl.

Can’t you see that you’re stunning?

(Only now, don’t be shy now.
Own your love and you’ll own the world.
Cause you’re beautiful,

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