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Mrs # 1 (colaboration with Yes Sir Boss)

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Mrs # 1 (colaboration with Yes Sir Boss)

Post by Admin on 22nd January 2013, 10:36 pm

Well hey hey
With the feeling gone
Did I try to hard
To win your heart
Now its all so slightly
Out of shape

So you never knew how far to go
I got my bosses
Well ya know
But its all just splintered
And out of shape

This love sees gravity burns
White noise
Well cant you hear me
Are, you recieving these
Words, that dont transmit
And my pens gone and run outta ink
So I'm standing here
Cant you see I'm trying dear

But its just one after another, well
If I'm not that good enough for you
Then why dont you
Just take me home

If everything
Is so damn wrong

Now I'm wearing a frown that could use headlines
Theres always something up or bringing me down
If not me and you
Somethings always up with the band

You better man up
And look at me boy
Tell you what
Let me show you
How its done oh god he wants fame

Now dont just stay standing on tables
Shoutin bout how far you want to go

Just shut me up
Why the fuck do I know?

Can someone please
Just take me home
Cause everything is so damn wrong

You either push your way in or you wait your turn
When life is so first come first serve

Whats that feel
Was it a dream
Have I stayed up too late again
Are the small things just getting to me
Are they getting to you
Are they killing you
Cos girl
They're just killing me

So why dont you
Just take me home
If everything is so damn wrong
Can someone please just take me home
Cause everything
Is so damn wrong

Cause girl
I wait my turn
With my head high
Just give me a sign dont keep me down
Whats killing you
Is just killing me
Is it killing you
Is it killing you

You either push your way in
Or you wait your turn
Send Mrs #1 ringtone to your cell

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